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We invite you to gather with us from all denominations, races and ages, to a FREE city-wide event for all women. These nights are meticulously designed to make you feel known and loved. You'll receive free gifts from local sponsors, and delicious refreshments + coffee! Our heart is that you would leave feeling honored, encouraged, deeply loved and feel more connected to the women in our community. 

No upcoming events at the moment





Joining the brave and courageous women in their fight to remain free, fuels our hearts.  As we go in each month, we bring beautiful "forever" Bibles, unity merch, plus some special spa products for these women.  We remind them that hope is found in Jesus alone, and to know Jesus they must know His Word.  Teaching them the importance of the Bible is one of our passions.  We end our morning with them in personal ministry  time for each woman.



We have the honor of speaking, praying & worshipping with sisters from all around the world here in Boise. Women of all ages, color and status, find themselves needing shelter and hope.  We are so privileged to get to offer the hope of Jesus to these women.  We also bring in bibles for every woman that comes into the shelter all month long.  

If you'd like to join this outreach simply fill out the contact page info and we will help you get involved. 

[ this event is currently on PAUSE--God willing we we will be back soon! ]


3RD WEDNESDAY @ 10a-12p

We meet the 3rd Wednesday’s of each month at 10am. You are invited to join us for a rich time of worship, hope drenched messages, and prayer. In addition, we have lavish refreshments from "CharCUTErie" + coffee from Mountain Timber, plus we are providing childcare for all kiddos under 5 years old. Bring a friend, and join us.


 10481 W Fairview Ave, Boise, Idaho, 83704

We would love to bring a Nights of Unity event to your church location! If you have a facility &  would like to host one of these events, please contact us.  We would be happy to talk over details!  


If you're a local business and would like to sponsor or co-sponsor one of these events or one of our shelter outreaches, please reach out.  It's in part to local businesses that we have kept this event FREE and these women and children's shelters in our valley full of hope!

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