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Jen is the founder & director of Nights of Unity.  She surrendered her life to Jesus in her early 20’s after a radical encounter with the presence of God. Her hunger for more of God and a heart to see people truly free has propelled her into ministry.  Jen is passionate about prayer and seeking God's presence. Her strong desire to help women see the call of God on their lives fuels her steps. She has been married to her husband Mike, for 26 years, they now have 5 beautiful children and 2 grand babies.


Event Director + Merch Coordinator

Lindsay has been managing people since she was 9 years old, and we are not kidding! A born leader, a devoted mama of two, a wife and the life of the party! She is always stepping in and being a voice for those who need to be heard.  A call to prayer and the prophetic has marked her life early on. 


Prayer Director + Speaker + Set Stylist

Sherry is most known for her deep heaven drenched prayers and gentle nature.  She is a mama, a wife, and gives her all to her family. Her kind heart is always willing to step in for any task needed, it truly sets her apart. Everything she touches creates beauty and carries peace--she is our style savvy babe with a warrior spirit.


Guest Host + Ministry Team

Erin is a mom of 3, a devoted wife of 20 years and adoptive mom to many, many chickens.  She is truly kind and loyal, and has empathy for others that is beyond admirable.  She hosts all of our speakers and special guests from the door, to the green room, and all the moments in between. 


Merch Director

Brittany is the oldest of 4 girls and a Boise, Idaho native. She's been married for 7 years and is the cutest kitty mama. Her heart to make women feel beautiful inside and out seems effortless.  A true love of people + fashion, has landed her in the coveted Unity merch department.  Excellence of heart, creatively brilliant and just absolutely makes everything more fun describes this lady!


Speaker + Outreach

Soraya was born in Iran and immigrated to America amid great persecution. Her love for Jesus and passionate heart to rescue others is woven into the fabric of her life. She is the last one to leave the outreaches, and it's never without a name or a number so she can follow up. She is deeply loving in every way.


The Unity Ministry Team

From left to right: Lindsay Danielson ( Event Director)  Sherri Martin ( Outreach + Ministry Team ), Erin King ( Guest Host + Ministry Team ), Jen Barth ( Unity Director ), Brittany Strafuus ( Merch Director ), Makenna Horn (  Ministry Team ), Sherry Fish ( Prayer Director ), Sunny Argon, (Co-lead Welcome Team )  Anka Trifan ( Tech Producer ), Jackie Bernier ( Director Asst ), Soraya Meija ( Speaker + Ministry Team )

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