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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Written by: Patricia Gablehouse

In the Bible there is a story of a woman who was bent over for eighteen years. (Luke

13:10-13) Think about that. For 18 years all she saw was dirt, people’s feet, and

despair. Everything in her life was a challenge. Then one day she saw some beautiful

feet she had never seen before. She heard words of hope and healing and her life

was about to get a big upgrade. How beautiful are the feet of them that bring the good

news. (Isaiah52:7) It was Jesus, he was telling her she didn’t have to be bent over anymore.

Being stooped over in life looks very similar to this woman’s view. While life can be

full of challenges, excitement, and hope, so many face every day bent over. Are you looking

at the dirt instead of the sky and seeing people’s feet instead of their faces? As

you go today, see how many people are looking down as they walk.  Are you? Life and the pressures of it can overburden all of us at times. Experiences and failures can weigh us down to the point that life seems hopeless and depressing.  Don’t allow yourself to live bent over. Look UP at Jesus and allow His grace and healing to straighten you out. Make a conscious decision to straighten up and look ahead with anticipation, confidence, and expectation. Choose to live life looking out and not in.

Looking up and not down. When you do, you will see a future and a hope. Destiny and not despair.  His good news, which is His Word, promises us an “abundant life” a full and satisfying life. Don’t stay bent over. Arise, shine, your light has come. (Isaiah 60:1) Straighten UP, stand UP, and look UP. Let the Words that upgraded her life, lift you UP today too. “Woman you are free.” Walk in this freedom and be who God created you to be.


John 10:10 - “...I came that they may have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY.”

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